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"I love the person I've become because I fought to become her."  - Kaci Biane


The phrase "living my best life" has become the hashtag du jour recently, and while we seek to savor the goodness in life, it's not always easy. There are so many stressors that we face in today's world, so many competing demands. You may find that things that you used to do with little effort are hard, or things that other people seem to do with ease feel impossible. Whether you are hitting a minor bump in the road or struggling with a more long-standing or serious problem, getting professional help can be life-changing. 

We believe that effective therapy results from a combination of competence and connection. Trusting another person with your innermost thoughts and feelings can be very difficult.

It is an honor and a privilege to be trusted with vulnerability. 

This is what has driven us to be therapists-- to help others live their best lives (hashtag or not!).

Hope to see you soon!

In-Person Sessions

Our office is located in Sorrento Valley, right by Qualcomm and next to Gravity Heights:

Cat and Working


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